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Prenuptial Agreements in Maryland: Do I Need One?

Are you thinking about how to protect your assets before marriage, but are worried that prenuptial agreements are only for Read More

5 Post-Divorce Actions to Take

After your divorce is finalized, you will most likely feel a deep sense of relief. We encourage you to take Read More

Safety From Abusive Spouses or Persons: Protective and Peace Orders in Maryland

A person who has been the victim of harm by another and fears future harm can turn to the Maryland Read More

Mary Roby Sanders Selected as 2022 “Lawyer of the Year” for Family Law in Baltimore, MD

We are excited to announce that Mary Roby Sanders has been selected by Best Lawyers® as the 2022 “Lawyer of the Read More

Determining Alimony Awards in a Maryland Divorce

When determining whether a spouse should be awarded alimony, Courts in Maryland have broad discretion when doing so, but must Read More

Maryland Child Custody Laws

Child custody cases can be exceptionally challenging, given the emotional toll that it takes on parties, especially when custody is Read More

Litigation vs. Mediation: Choosing the Ideal Route for Your Family

If you are filing for divorce in the state of Maryland, you have several options to resolve the pending issues Read More

Division of Property in Maryland Divorce

Spouses in a divorce are free to agree on the division of any or all of their marital property, without Read More

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Divorce Attorney

Divorce is personal and the process of hiring an attorney can seem overwhelming. Not to mention, every divorce attorney has Read More

When A Minor Requires Representation: Child Counsel Attorneys

Child custody and child access cases can be fraught with difficulties, high conflict, and/or dangers for the children involved. To Read More

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