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When to Consider a Postnuptial Agreement in Maryland

Most people have heard of a prenuptial agreement (prenup), but have you heard of a postnuptial agreement? Postnuptial agreements are Read More

How to Ensure a Child-Centric Divorce

Although getting a divorce may be the healthiest thing to do for your family in the long run, it is Read More

Dating During Divorce: What You Need to Know

If you are going through the divorce process, you may be wondering when it is appropriate to start dating again. Read More

How “Birdnesting” Can Help Families Through Divorce and Real Estate Crises

One of the most significant questions in a divorce proceeding has always been the disposition of the family home. Particularly, Read More

Can I Revise My Divorce Agreement Post-Divorce?

Just when life is resuming a sense of normalcy, and your divorce seems to be in the rearview mirror, a Read More

Waiting Out the Holiday Season Before Filing for Divorce: How to Prepare

If you are looking to wait out the holiday season before sharing with your spouse that you intend to file Read More

Can I Get a Divorce in Maryland Without Going to Court?

In the state of Maryland, there are a few alternatives for couples to divorce without the delays, invasions of privacy, Read More

Co-parenting During the Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving having passed and Christmas and the New Year around the corner, we are officially in the holiday season. Read More

Can I Expedite a Change in Custody if I Fear My Child Is in Danger?

During, or leading up to, a family court proceeding in Maryland, a parent might fear that their child faces undue Read More

Child Support in Maryland

When a Maryland family law case involves children, the Court prioritizes their best interests, not only through a custodial arrangement Read More

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