Areas of Practice

Family Law: Divorce, Custody, and Child Support Matters:

The Law Office of Turnbull, Nicholson & Sanders focus on matters of family law. The lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with divorce, custody, and child support cases. This experience and quality of service has earned the firm exemplary standing  among the local legal community.

Divorce Law:

Divorce law matters are very complex matters that typically carry a tremendous toll on the parties involved. The lawyers at The Law office of Turnbull, Nicholson & Sanders are well versed in these cases and take a very objective oriented approach to resolving the issues on behalf of clients in a manner that is the most emotionally and financially suitable. The objective through each and every divorce proceeding is to protect and uphold the utmost quality of life on behalf of the client and their loved ones.

Custody Law and Visitation:

Custody law and visitation cases are generally high tension matters that require experienced and skilled legal assistance to resolve effectively. The Law Office of Turnbull, Nicholson & Sanders have been working hand in hand with clients for decades in managing these matters and delivering the highest quality of results. 

Child Support:

Child support and alimony law are vessels of protecting and sustaining the growth of families. The lawyers of the Law Office of Turnbull, Nicholson & Sanders provide dedicated services in child support issues to ensure that loved ones are properly provided for.

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