How COVID-19 and Zoom Impacted Divorce

For many couples worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic has made them feel trapped within their homes. Countless marriages could not and cannot withstand the pandemic’s magnification of its shortcomings and flaws. The desire for divorce became intense for the quarantined spouses in marriages that were already just “bumping along,” and are still on the rise.

Maryland courts are now open for business, and lawyer’s offices are largely in person for those who prefer. But Zoom meetings and hearings are now an official option and are often preferred. How is this new COVID-19 inspired method affecting divorce, and what should you be aware of when choosing the right avenue for your family? Here is COVID-19 and Zoom’s impact on divorce.


Zoom’s Impact on Divorces

Many preliminary matters are being held via Zoom, rather than in person. It is more convenient and less taxing on one’s life, and it results in significant financial savings as well. No more partial or full days off work or waiting around the courtroom or lawyer’s offices for your appointments. Lawyers do not have to charge for travel time as part of their fee. Parties do not have to pay for or be stressed by large amounts of time away from their children and household responsibilities. Less time is a win-win for everyone. And knowing how costly both divorce and newly divorced lifestyles are, the savings can be a real bonus.

Zoom does have its limitations, especially if a settlement conference, mediation or final divorce hearing is remote. These remote proceedings eliminate the face-to-face human element of the process. During Zoom mediations and court hearings it is harder to see body language, facial expressions, or the subtle nuances and tonalities that arise when people are physically present in the same room. This missing element of communication can have advantages and disadvantages, depending upon the circumstances.

A detailed discussion with an attorney is recommended on how remote versus in person proceedings will affect your case, whether positively or negatively. Zoom is now here to stay, despite some aspects of the divorce returning to in-person, and it is just as important to know how to conduct oneself in a remote proceeding, as you would in the physical presence of the Court.

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